The Enemy Is Not Happy!

On August 5, 2017, I posted this comment on another blog:

I had studied Quantum Theory before becoming a Christian, and afterward God got into detail about how He created all things from light, how sound changes light frequencies into matter, and the 180 degree frequency shift that happened at the fall of man. The realm of God is not connected to this physical realm anymore, otherwise His presence would completely nullify the inverted frequency of the natural realm.

His presence can only be brought through special ways, such as the Ark of the Covenant in the OT, and now through Born-Again, Spirit-Filled believers. We function as power transformers to conduct His power through us, transforming it in a way to be able to work miracles. Our power is from the Holy Spirit.

New agers, wiccans, and even satanists use the natural power of this realm to their own purposes and ends. They may try to claim that some is white magic, but it is all the same: that which is common to man.

Within a few hours after posting it, I came under such a demonic attack that I had lost all hope, and almost committed suicide! The dark side is not happy, and things will be getting much worse for them.

The enemy knows his time is running short!

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