Growing Darkness - Emerging Light

Several years ago, I believe it was in the early 90’s, I was praying and the Lord gave me a vision of a large dark cloud spreading across the US, but it was based in Washington, DC.

I asked what it was and He told me that it was a spirit of lasciviousness (self-serving interests) that was the major principality gaining hold over the US. I asked if I was supposed to be praying against it, and He said, “No. It isn’t time.” When I asked for more info, He told me that His people needed waking up first.
They are empowering the spirits by believing that things must get worse and worse before Jesus comes! Instead of taking authority over the devil, they are giving him power and glorifying him by constantly talking about how strong evil is getting, and how the Bible tells us that we just need to hold on ’til the end.

I have been noticing more Christians finally waking up recently, and I sincerely hope that more will wake up and rebel against the anti-christ spirit of religious tradition!