About This Site

So, what is The Unchained Life all about anyway?

This is a NO BULL ZONE for folks that are tired of the World telling you how to live their way, and be trapped by their rules.

It's a place for Freedom Fighters to come together, and set others free. Think of us as being like Neo setting people free from the control of The Matrix.

This is a place for those of us that are serious about making some big changes in our lives, and in our world.

Freedom from debt.
Freedom from purposelessness.
Freedom from authoritarian lies.
Freedom from limitations imposed on us by ourselves, and others.

Freedom to live our own lives.
Freedom to choose our own reality!

Not everyone is going to like the stuff here. To some, it will be like a punch in the crotch . . . No one likes it, but I'm sure you know a few people that need a good, hard, punch in the . . . !

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